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My goal is to be an effective liaison between local leaders; community groups; taxpayers and our county government. Safeguarding our taxes, small businesses and jobs while protecting our residents from undue environmental and economic impact, are my priorities.  There is currently a super-majority on the Board of Legislators, we need to balance the playing field to bring back common sense government.

I am a life-long resident of the Town of Cortlandt; a graduate of Hendrick Hudson High School; and hold a BS in Organizational Management from Manhattan College. I am a decorated retired Westchester County Police Detective with a 40-year-volunteer career in the fire and EMS service, currently Deputy Chief of Buchanan Engine Company and EMT/Driver with Croton EMS. I am a past 10-year-appointee of the NYS Arson Board.   I am married to the love of my life, Angela, and have six children between us and two treasured grandchildren.


As a Westchester County Police Officer, I could not run for or hold a public office but became interested in County Government. After patrol, joined the Emergency Services Unit responding to all emergencies at county properties and parkways. I moved on to the Hazardous Devices Unit and was a Hazardous Explosive Device Technician and Explosive Detection K9 Handler. In my 23-year-career I was exposed to county government and saw first-hand its inner workings. Since retiring, I have held many uncompensated elected and appointed offices in the fire service at the local, county and state levels, including a position on the County's Fire Advisory Board.


Forty years of helping people and making a difference in my community, gives me great joy and great empathy. I naturally want to help people and people come to me for help. In the offices I have held, especially on the board of a homeowner's association, I have been able to bring different sides and points of view together, for the common good  to get problems resolved. I see this need in County Government.


I have the drive to make District 9 and Westchester County safe, secure and financially healthy. All my cumulative experience has given me the ability to collaborate well with people who sometimes have different views, but still get things accomplished and I will continue to work in a bi-partisan way for the good of the community.

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Heidi Albertsen - Supermodel and ambassador for Riverkeeper


International Star Endorses Westchester County Legislative Candidate Robert J. Outhouse

As a lifelong volunteer Bob has proven his dedication to his community. As a first responder to Indian Point, he knows the dangers and potential safety hazards involved. Bob’s priority is obtaining transparency and full disclosure to protect the community’s health and the environment during the decommissioning of Indian Point. I am glad to endorse someone with his selfless dedication and commitment to humanity

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new York State Police Investigators Association

"The New York State Police Investigators Association {NYSPIA) represents over two thousand active and retired members of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation {BCI) of the New York State Police and it is with great honor and pride that we strongly endorse your candidacy for the Westchester County Legislative, 9th District. Our membership proudly serves the citizens of this District and the State of New York in all areas of criminal investigation.

You have an outstanding 23-year public safety record serving the community with the Westchester County Department of Public Safety. Beginning as a Patrol Officer, you demonstrated a superb work ethic that resulted in your quick rise through the ranks to a Detective. Since your retirement in 2009 you have successfully operated a personal business in the community. You have continuously volunteered your time in the community participating in youth services, emergency service and as a first responder instructor. Your family commitment and community interests are qualities that set you apart from others as the best qualified candidate for a Westchester County Legislature.

The New York State Police Investigators Association appreciates your years of dedication and service and our membership has great confidence in your ability and foresight. We offer our support and assistance in your candidacy and best wishes for your continued success."



"The Police Benevolent Association of the New York State Troopers, Inc. is proud to announce the endorsement of Robert Outhouse for election as Westchester County Legislature 9th district.

It is with careful consideration that the NYSTPBA is endorsing Robert Outhouse for election as Westchester County Legislator 9th district. The challenges facing members of the law enforcement community are greater than ever before, and we need individuals like Robert Outhouse in leadership positions to help law enforcement officers better serve the residents of New York State.

More than 6,000 active and retired, uniformed members of the New York State Police from the rank of Trooper through the rank of Major are represented by the NYSTPBA."


Endorsed by Assemblyman Kevin Byrne

 “Bob Outhouse is a proven leader who has already spent a lifetime serving the public as both a career and volunteer first responder. He understands the pressures our everyday families face to make ends meet, and will be a tireless advocate to serve and protect all New Yorkers living and working in Westchester County.”  

**My Top Priorities**

Relief for Taxpayers - School & County Taxes

In less than two years, under the Democrat-controlled Board of Legislators, they raised our property tax 2% in 2018 and another 2% in 2019, and as of August 1st 2019 the sales tax was raised from 7.375% – 8.375% a 14 percent increase in the rate of tax – 10 times the rate of inflation. The average family of four will pay an estimated $1,000  extra in additional sales tax.  Westchester County homeowners are already being crushed by the highest property taxes in the state.  To add insult to injury, they called the tax hike, the “Westchester County Property Tax Payer Protection Act”. We need real property tax relief. Not more tax hikes. Not phony press releases. Not fake protections. These are only a few of the radical initiatives that have passed without opposition by the supermajority of the Westchester County Board of Legislators.

Can we, our parents, and eventually our children continue to keep up with the increased costs of living in Westchester County? If you are like many of the people I’ve been speaking with, you feel our county is out-of-control.  People want to move… they are finding it difficult stay in family homes. We need to bring fiscal sanity and common-sense government back to our Board of Legislators and advocate for our Districts that enough is enough. There is a lot of work to be done to reverse this scary and unsustainable trend.  We have a chance to change the direction local government is heading but I need your support. 


Supporting our school districts and municipalities by facilitating ongoing and persistent communication with the state until they receive their fair share of state aid for their school districts. 

Actively exploring alternate sources of income for the county so we can keep taxes flat or reduce the tax burden on our taxpayers.  

Safeguarding the way our tax monies are spent. 

Indian Point's Closure ~ The Impact On Our Communities

The mismanagement of the Indian Point Closure puts our school children and communities at risk due to the failure to conduct environmental and economic impact studies prior to the closure. We are two years closer and still don’t know what the environmental effects of the handling and storage of nuclear waste are going to be its closest residents and school children.  Why? Because the Board of Legislators led by my opponent, the then Majority Leader, did not support forcing the State of New York and Entergy to require a SEQRA to outline what EXACTLY the environmental & economic impacts will be. 

(see page specifically on Indian Point)

Where are the realistic plans to replace tax revenues to the Village of Buchanan, the Town of Cortlandt and Hendrick Hudson School District? There is a projected 25 million-dollar loss to the school district, how will that be addressed? What will the impact of decreased energy production be to the County as a whole? We live in the highest taxed county in America, we need to make it more affordable not un-affordable. My district needs Accountability, Advocacy and Action.


Mitigating the effects of the Indian Point closure on the displaced workers; the School Districts; the Taxpayers; the Municipalities and Emergency Services.   

Public Safety & Security

Usurping federal law by turning Westchester into a sanctuary county puts everyone at risk. Take the case of Rony Rosario Ramirez, who was deported back to his native Guatemala in 2009. His illegal return to the U.S. became known after he was charged in February with raping a minor. Under the “Immigrant Protection Act,” which our current Legislator co-sponsored over the near unanimous objection of law enforcement, Ramirez was released from county custody following his arrest, despite a request from immigration officials to retain him.  I adamantly opposes these and other measures that defy common sense and put all people in danger. 

“Comprehensive immigration reform is needed, but nullifying federal laws, working against law enforcement, giving illegal immigrants drivers’ licenses and inviting voter fraud are prescriptions for continued chaos and a threat to public safety,” Outhouse said. “We need to protect the people of Westchester from out-of-control County Government.” 


Supporting our Police and First Responders' by making sure they are  equipped with what they need to protect you and adequately staffed to keep our communities safe and secure. Being a strong advocate for more resources for mental health and victims of domestic violence.    

Environmental Protection & Sustainability

Exploring Environmental Solutions that help to reduce the carbon footprint and foster sustainability.  Safeguarding our residents from undue environmental impacts.  (see below)

Being an Effective Liaison

The needs of my district are being ignored by our Legislator, requests for assistance in Peekskill with the relocation of the homeless shelter unanswered and other community's outcries against over-development have gone unheard.   Multiple over-development projects in the various communities of District 9 will tax our infrastructure, our safety and devoid our communities of green-space.  Zoning laws are made for reasons and should not be arbitrarily altered to suit private entities. It’s time to stop bending the rules to line the pockets of others at the expense of our safety, our neighborhoods, our infrastructure and our school systems.  Our representative need to represent OUR interests.

“I will stand with residents to protect our neighborhoods and green-space and avoid over-development of areas like Teatown, Stony Lodge and other proposed projects in Cortlandt, Ossining and Peekskill that will destroy the sanctity of our landscape or put our infrastructure or residents at risk.”


To be an effective liaison between local leaders; community groups; and taxpayers and our county government.  If there is an issue that is within my power to help with, I will be a responsive legislator that returns phone calls, answers emails, meets face-to-face and gives my constituents the attention and time they deserve and are entitled to. 

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